What Is The Difference Between Reluctance And Resistance?

What is opposite word of reluctantly?

Antonyms: desirous, disposed, eager, favorable, inclined, willing.

Synonyms: averse, backward, disinclined, indisposed, loath, opposed, slow, unwilling..

Is reluctance the same as resistance?

The property of the device which opposes the flowing current in the electrical circuit is known as Resistance. The property of the device which opposes the flowing magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit is known as Reluctance. … It is used in an electrical and Electronic circuit.

What is the definition of reluctance?

noun. unwillingness; disinclination: reluctance to speak in public. Electricity. the resistance to magnetic flux offered by a magnetic circuit, determined by the permeability and arrangement of the materials of the circuit.

What is difference between reactance and reluctance?

Reluctance is a unit measuring the opposition to the flow of magnetic flux within magnetic materials and is analogous to resistance in electrical circuits. … This is a complex equation in which the resistance is the real term and the reactance is the imaginary term.

What is the reluctance of a material?

Magnetic reluctance, or magnetic resistance, is a concept used in the analysis of magnetic circuits. It is defined as the ratio of magnetomotive force (mmf) to magnetic flux. It represents the opposition to magnetic flux, and depends on the geometry and composition of an object.

What is another word for reluctance?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reluctance, like: doubt, objection, willing, disinclination, hesitation, averseness, indisposition, unwillingness, hesitancy and qualm.

What is reluctance measured in?

Reluctance is measured in Amperes per Weber (A/Wb).

What is meant by reluctance torque?

Reluctance torque is the torque generated because the motor is moving to a position where the reluctance seen by the armature flux is declining. A simple application of this principle is the refrigerator magnet, which is held in place by reluctance force.

What is reluctance path?

Definition: The obstruction offered by a magnetic circuit to the magnetic flux is known as reluctance. … Also in an electric circuit, the electric field provides the least resistance path to the electric current. Similarly, the magnetic field causes the least reluctance path for the magnetic flux. It is denoted by S.

What is the meaning of unenthusiastic?

: having or showing a lack of excitement or enthusiasm : not enthusiastic an unenthusiastic response an unenthusiastic crowd.

What is the opposite word of regularly?

What is the opposite of regularly?sometimesoccasionallyirregularlyperiodicallyerraticallysporadicallyspasmodicallyat timesoff-and-onon occasion12 more rows

How do you calculate reluctance?

Reluctance is obtained by dividing the length of the magnetic path l by the permeability times the cross-sectional area A; thus r = l/μA, the Greek letter mu, μ, symbolizing the… The reluctance of a magnetic circuit is analogous to the resistance of an electric circuit.

What is MMF formula?

Magnetomotive force (mmf), Fm = NI ampere-turns (At), where N = number of conductors (or turns) and I = current in amperes. Since ‘turns’ has no units, the SI unit of mmf is the ampere, but to avoid any possible confusion ‘ampere-turns’, (A t) are used in this chapter.

What is the reciprocal of reluctance?

In electromagnetism, permeance is the inverse of reluctance. In a magnetic circuit, permeance is a measure of the quantity of magnetic flux for a number of current-turns.

What is reluctance and inductance?

Magnetic field is created by current. … At any given current level, the reluctance decreases the magnetic flux and therefore the inductance, which is the ratio of the flux and the current.