What Can Trigger An Ofsted Inspection?

Can you request an Ofsted inspection?

Schools can request and Ofsted inspection outside of the normal inspection schedule.

Find out how to request an inspection,and what you should consider before making the request..

How do I prepare for an Ofsted inspection?

How to Plan and Prepare for an Ofsted InspectionIt’s always the same. You know it’s coming, yet it’s always a surprise. … Don’t obsess over Ofsted. … Don’t do things ‘for Ofsted’ … Understand the criteria. … Tell a coherent story. … Annotate your IDSR. … Create an ‘Ofsted readiness plan’ … Declare your position.More items…•

Can you appeal an Ofsted decision?

The Court of Appeal ruled last month that Ofsted’s complaints procedure is fair and proper – overturning a decision by the High court to quash an inspection report placing the Durand Academy in special measures.

How do I report a headteacher?

If you’re still not happy, you can make a formal complaint. All state schools should have a complaints procedure – ask the school for a copy or check on their website. You’ll usually need to email or write a letter to the headteacher and to the governing body telling them you’re making a formal complaint.

Which days do Ofsted inspect?

Inspections can take place at any point from 5 school days after the first day pupils attend in the autumn term. For example, if pupils return to school on a Wednesday, inspection can take place as early as the following Wednesday.

Can parents complain to Ofsted?

Ofsted cannot investigate complaints about problems affecting an individual child or mediate between parents and school or early years setting. However, it can: Call an immediate inspection at short notice in response to a very serious complaint.

How do you Whistleblow to Ofsted?

If you’re an employee at a children’s social care organisation and you want to whistleblow to Ofsted:call our whistleblowing hotline on 0300 1233155 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)email whistleblowing@ofsted.gov.uk.write to: WBHL, Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD.

Can you complain about a school to Ofsted?

You can complain to Ofsted if you think a school is not run properly. You must have already followed the school’s complaints procedure. You should get a response within 30 working days. It will tell you if Ofsted will investigate or not, and why.

What are the disadvantages of whistleblowing?

Drawback #1: You’ll be labeled. … Reward #1: You can sleep at night. … Drawback #2: You may face retaliation. … Reward #2: You’ll empower other honest people. … Drawback #3: Your finances (and maybe your sanity) will come under fire. … Reward #3: The law should make you whole — and you might get a financial windfall.More items…•

What do Ofsted inspectors look for?

Ofsted grades will reflect the areas that matter most to parents: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management.

How long does it take Ofsted to investigate a complaint?

We will provide a written response to your complaint as quickly as possible, and normally within 30 working days of receipt of your complaint. The response will link together similar issues for conciseness and clarity, and will provide a conclusion on whether each main aspect of your complaint has been upheld.

What can Ofsted help with?

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. It reports directly to Parliament and is both independent and impartial. By law it must inspect schools with the aim of providing information to parents, to promote improvement and to hold schools to account.

What should I report to Ofsted?

What are the circumstances when you should report an injury to Ofsted?Fracture/ Broken Bones.Loss of consciousness.Pain that’s not relieved by simple painkillers.Acute confused state.Breathing difficulties or persistent, severe chest pain.Amputation.Major dislocation of the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow or spine.More items…•

How do you survive Ofsted?

Here are some handy tips from Ofsted survivors to help you through.Take a moment to breathe and stock up. … Don’t absorb stress. … Focus on you. … Keep it in perspective. … Be ready, just in case. … Read the guidance. … Be yourself.