Quick Answer: What Is Zions 2k Rating?

Who has the lowest 2k rating?

Lowest Rated Players Ever In NBA 2K HistoryNBA 2K11: Alexis Ajinca.NBA 2K12: Byron Mullens & Brian Scalabrine.NBA 2K13: Jason Collins & Hamed Haddadi.NBA 2K14: Rudy Gobert.NBA 2K15: Bruno Caboclo.NBA 2K16: Duje Dukan.NBA 2K17: Aaron Harrison, R.J.

Hunter & Luis Montero.NBA 2K18: Luis Montero.More items…•.

What overall is Luka doncic in 2k20?

His OVR is currently 89. Doncic is nowhere close to the prime of his career. 2K may eventually need to extend its rating scale past 99 to accommodate him.

What is Lebron 2k rating?

James was given a 98 overall rating, marking the eighth time in his career that he earned an overall rating of 98 or better in the “2K” games.

Is Zion Williamson a nice guy?

Zion is the most multidimensional player and friend that I’ve come across. It creates a culture where everybody feels loved. He does it because he’s a nice guy and he knows that if he were a walk-on, he’d want to be treated that way. He has that sixth sense.

Who is a 99 overall in 2k20?

LeBron JamesNBA 2K20 Top All-Time Players LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) – 99 Overall.

Why is Charles Barkley not in 2k?

Charles Barkley’s Statement about the situation He said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that the reason why he wasn’t a part of 2K was that they wouldn’t give him any money. … He told 2K that his job is to take care of older players and he does not want any money for himself.

What is Steph Curry 2k rating?

Curry came in as the No. 6 ranked players in NBA 2K20 with an overall rating of 95, just behind Houston’s James Harden and Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant (both 96 overall).

What’s Zion Williamson 2k rating?

NBA 2K20 announced that Williamson has received an 81 overall rating in the game that is slated to be released in the fall.

What is the highest 2k rating?

OVRNBA 2K20 Ratings – Top 100 PlayersRankPlayerOVR1James Harden972LeBron James973Giannis Antetokounmpo974Kawhi Leonard9652 more rows

What is Zion’s overall?

Zion Williamson on NBA 2K21 On NBA 2K21, this All-Time version of Zion Williamson has an Overall 2K Rating of 81 with a Build of a Slashing Four.

What is LeBron’s position?

Small forwardPower forwardLeBron James/Position