Quick Answer: What Is The Most Elite Stormtrooper?

What does Tk 421 stand for?

TK-421 was the designation of a male stormtrooper who was stationed on the Death Star.

TK-421 was guarding the Millennium Falcon when it landed to rescue Princess Leia Organa..

What are black stormtroopers called?

The shadow stormtroopers, also known as Blackhole stormtroopers due to their association with Agent Blackhole, were specialized Imperial stormtroopers.

Who was the most elite clone trooper?

Here are the 10 most skilled clone troopers in Star Wars.1 X2.2 X1. … 3 Rex (CT-7567) … 4 Ordo (Null-11) … 5 Alpha (ARC-17) … 6 Cody (CC-2224) … 7 Boss (Delta-38 or RC-1138) … 8 Sev (Delta-07 or RC-1207) … More items…•

What are the ranks of stormtroopers?

Nice list, but what about ARC troopers and Clone Commandos, two elite variants of clones?…Star Wars: Every Kind Of Stormtrooper, Officially Ranked1 DEATH TROOPERS.2 SHADOW TROOPERS. … 3 RANGE TROOPERS. … 4 INQUISITOR TROOPERS. … 5 CLONE TROOPERS. … 6 SHOCK TROOPERS. … 7 ARF TROOPERS (ADVANCED RECON FORCE) … More items…•

Are all the clones dead?

Due to their accelerated growth, the remaining clones were deemed unfit for military duty and retired. … By the time of the original Star Wars trilogy, most Jango Fett clones had died, and they were completely extinct by Star Wars: The Force Awakens., which was several decades after the events of the prequel trilogy.

Was Jango Fett a Mandalorian?

You must be very proud.” Jango Fett was a human male Mandalorian bounty hunter and the clone template of the Grand Army of the Republic. … From the planet Concord Dawn, Fett was a foundling of the Mandalorians and at one point fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars before becoming a bounty hunter.

What does FN 2187 mean?

Finn’s stormtrooper code name, FN-2187, is a reference to the number of the cell in which Princess Leia was detained in the original 1977 film Star Wars. … However, the film itself revealed that “Finn” is an adopted name, derived from his stormtrooper number.

What does TK stand for?

To come”To come” is a printing and journalism reference, commonly abbreviated to “TK”. It is used to signify that additional material will be added at a later date. TK as an abbreviation may originally have come into use because very few English words feature this letter combination.

Who was the last clone trooper?

For all we know, Sergeant Crest was the last clone stormtrooper. The final surviving clone is is CT-6116, or Kix. In the book The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku, set near The Force Awakens, reveals that Kix was kept in stasis for decades due to the fact that he knew how to prevent Order 66.

Did any clones ignore Order 66?

Some clones, such as Rex, Commander Wolffe and Gregor, were able to remove the control chips in their heads, which allowed them to disobey Order 66. Few Jedi survived the onslaught of Order 66.

What was Finn’s stormtrooper number?

2187Finn, it transpires, is a rechristening of his stormtrooper designation FN-2187. It’s a moment for die-hard Star Wars fans to knowingly nod and smile. 2187, as any hardcore geek can tell you, is a reference to the cell number that holds Princess Leia captive in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Who Killed Captain Rex?

Rex later fought in the Battle of Mimban along with the Mud Jumpers of the 224th Division and his troopers in the 501st. Jedi General Laan Tik led Republic forces in the battle until he was killed.

Are stormtroopers black?

Some have argued, that all of the Captains, those giving the orders are White, while all the troops taking the orders, clearly born into the slavery that is the Stormtrooper league, are Black. … Two instances of revealing the faces of Stormtroopers, with two of them being of the same race.

Who is the oldest clone?

King Clone is thought to be the oldest creosote bush ring in the Mojave Desert. The ring is estimated to be 11,700 years old, making it one of the oldest living organisms on Earth.

What do black stormtroopers mean?

Imperial Death Troopers The elite soldiers of Imperial Intelligence, death troopers are encased in specialized stormtrooper armor with a dark, ominous gleam. These soldiers serve as bodyguards and enforcers for Director Krennic, a highly placed officer within the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Empire.