Quick Answer: How Do You Use On And Off In A Sentence?

When should we use of and for?

Of (to specify the number or an amount) — A good number of people understand Hindi.

For : For (to indicate the reason or because of) — I am really happy for you.

For (to indicate the duration or time) — I attended the session for one year only..

Where is since used?

When using since, we normally use present perfect and past perfect tenses in the main clause of the sentence. You wouldn’t use since when you are talking about the future because, by definition, since refers to specific point in the past.

How do you use in and out in a sentence?

In-and-out sentence examplesFrom there the horse dashed in and out of the poles and came to a stop on his haunches. … Anyway, first thing I did was attempt to check records in and out of Canada but getting that stuff is like pulling teeth. … She watched vamps go in and out of the fortress.More items…

Which is correct off and on or on and off?

‘Off and on’ and ‘on and off’, meaning not regularly, intermittently and uncertain, are both correct. You can use them both interchangeably, but you shouldn’t do the same for phrases like ‘here and there’ and ‘up and down’.

What is the meaning of on and on?

phrase. If you say that something happens on and on, you mean that it continues to happen for a very long time. … designers, builders, fitters–the list goes on and on. Lobell drove on and on through the dense and blowing snow.

Can you end a sentence with a preposition?

It’s not an error to end a sentence with a preposition, but it is a little less formal. In emails, text messages, and notes to friends, it’s perfectly fine. But if you’re writing a research paper or submitting a business proposal and you want to sound very formal, avoid ending sentences with prepositions.

What does an on and off relationship mean?

The fact that you’re in a relationship that’s stuck in a pattern of on and off shows that you’ve already committed to making an end, you just haven’t been able to follow through.

Is on and off hyphenated?

Generally, however, if the word is a noun, it is closed. … Note that phrases beginning with off or on that serve to modify a noun are hyphenated before it, as in “off-the-cuff remarks” and “on-the-job injuries.” Treatment after the noun varies, however, according to whether the phrase is permanent or temporary.

What is the use of on and in?

English speakers use in to refer to a general, longer period of time, such as months, years, decades, or centuries. For example, we say “in April,” “in 2015” or “in the 21st century.” Moving to shorter, more specific periods of time, we use on to talk about particular days, dates, and holidays .

What does being on and off mean?

or off and on. phrase. If something happens on and off, or off and on, it happens occasionally, or only for part of a period of time, not in a regular or continuous way.

What is the difference between on and for?

Both are valid, though in my opinion on business is more common in spoken British English. The choice would depend on the speaker or writer’s intended meaning: on means “engaged in”, and for means “with the purpose of”. I’ve seldom come across the second sentence.

How do you say on and off?

on and offoff and on. phr. & adv.now and then. phr. & adj.infrequently. adj. & adv.sometimes. adv. & adj.occasionally. adv.from time to time. phr. & adv.every once in a while. phr. & adv.once in a while. phr. & adv.More items…

Is off of proper grammar?

BizWritingTip response: “Off” and “of” are both prepositions. … If you keep the placement rule in mind, it makes no sense to have a preposition (off) before another preposition (of). Therefore, grammar books agree off of is superfluous and should be avoided when writing.

Where do we use from?

We use from to show the time or point in time when something starts: Tickets for the concert are on sale from Monday. The finals take place from 1.30 pm on Sunday.

How do you use off and of?

When to Use Of vs. Off?Of is a preposition that indicates relationships between other words, such as belonging, things made of other things, things that contain other things, or a point of reckoning.Off is usually used as an adverb or a preposition. In both cases, it indicates separation or disconnection.

What is the difference between off and from?

yes they are the same word but they are not being used in the same way. from is a word used, sometimes to also describe positioning. … I didn’t mean “not working” or “not function” for the word “off” in my example sentence.

What causes on and off relationships?

People in on-again/off-again relationships often initially break up because of conflict, personal characteristics of the partner or self, general relationship dissatisfaction or stagnation, or wanting to date somebody else (Dailey, Rossetto, Pfiester, & Surra, 2009b).

Is it better to use AND or &?

In citations when the source has more than one author, use an ampersand to connect the last two (Smith, Greene & Jones, 2008). Some style guides (APA) recommend using the ampersand here while others (Chicago Manual of Style and The MLA Style Manual) write out “and.” When identifying more than one addressee: “Mr. & Mrs.