Question: What Is The Difference Between TTE And TC?

How do I become a TC?

To become TC you have to apply for TTE exam that is conducted by Railway Recruitment Board every year.

Eligibility Criteria for TC : Candidate must have completed atleast 12th class from any recognised board in any stream.

Candidate must secure minimum of 50% percentage marks in 12th class..

What is the job of ticket checker?

Objectives- The main objectives of the ticket checking organization is to ensure that no person travels on railways without proper ticket or pass and that the luggage exceeding free allowance has been paid for and when performing duties of conductor or sleeper coach TTE it is ensure that berths are allotted strictly …

What is a train ticket checker called?

guard. noun. Britishold-fashioned someone on a train whose job is to check tickets, announce the stations, and look after the passengers. The American word is conductor.

Which seat is reserved for TTE in train?

Rajdhani and Intercity trains Along with Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express, Express and Mail trains also have a fixed berth for TTE. The TTE in these trains have been allotted with seat number 7 in every sleeper coach.

How can I call TC in train?

As per the plan, passengers seeking help may send an SMS Help to 139. The system, on receiving such an SMS, will identify the passenger, train number, coach and seat number and location of the train and forward the complaint to authorities for immediate action.

What is qualification for TTE?

Educational Qualification: The minimum educational qualification to apply for TTE Exam is matriculation with minimum 50% marks. Physical Fitness: Candidate must be physically fit in all aspects as deemed necessary by the RRB.

How many TTE are there in one train?

How many TTEs are there in one train? Typically, there’re is one TTE assigned for 4 coaches. For long distance train a new TTE takes over every day.

What is salary of TC?

The salary of Ticket Collector is set as per the pay scale of the central pay commission of the central government employees. The RRB TC Exam Dates will be announced soon on the official website of Railway….Types of TTI in Railway.Post NamePay-ScaleGrade PayCTI (Chief Ticket Inspector)INR 9300- 34800/-INR 4600/-3 more rows•Oct 9, 2020

What is the duty of TTE?

It is the duty of TTE to assist passengers for any queries such as seat, food, refreshments, etc. He should pay prompt attention to passenger complaints related to non-working of lights, fans, lamps etc and take the necessary steps for all such issues.

Can we take ticket from TTE?

You don’t need to run behind the TTE for vacant berths on Indian Railways trains. … Based on the information of seat availability, passengers will be able to approach the TTE on board for ticket booking as well, says Indian Railways.

Can TC check ticket in running local train?

Of course TTE can check tickets in running train any time. … TT can check ticket at any time, any where on the railway station as well as in the running train (provided TT can get in local train 😛 ).

What is a ticket person called?

n someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased tickets. Synonyms: ticket collector Type of: door guard, doorkeeper, doorman, gatekeeper, hall porter, ostiary, porter. someone who guards an entrance.

Why is ticket checker called TT?

The Full form of TT is Travelling Ticket Examiner. TT examiner is an employee in Indian railway who examines passenger tickets during the journey in trains. The cadre of Travelling Ticket Examiner falls under the control of Indian Railway Traffic service (IRTS) cadre of officers in Indian Railways.

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Is SMS enough for train ticket?

You can now book your railway tickets on your mobile phone and show the SMS to the travelling ticket examiner as a proof. Indian Railways has recently launched a new facility called ‘M-ticket’ that allows passengers to board a train without taking a printout of the booked ticket — the SMS is proof enough.