Question: What Is Another Word For Adherence?

What is the antonym of follow?

pooh-pooh, reject, oppose, break, leave alone, brush off, release, overlook, rebel, shun, repudiate, misunderstand, buck, disoblige, pilot, withstand, differ, Gloze, deny, discount, violate, disobey, fight, gloss, contest, mutiny, disregard, disagree, brush, breach, blink, head, snub, deride, ignore, neglect, dismiss, ….

How do you use the word compliance?

Compliance sentence examplesIf you are in compliance with the law, you must prove it! … The company was in compliance with the various safety regulations. … Compliance audits were held throughout the company. … The new rules were becoming a compliance burden. … The procedures were rewritten to be in compliance with legislation.More items…

Is comply a verb or noun?

verb (used without object), com·plied, com·ply·ing. to act or be in accordance with wishes, requests, demands, requirements, conditions, etc.; agree (sometimes followed by with): They asked him to leave and he complied. She has complied with the requirements.

What does adherence mean?

1 : the act, action, or quality of adhering adherence of paint to wood. 2 : steady or faithful attachment : fidelity adherence to a political party.

Why is adherence important?

Taking your medicine as prescribed or medication adherence is important for controlling chronic conditions, treating temporary conditions, and overall long-term health and well-being. A personal connection with your health-care provider or pharmacist is an important part of medication adherence.

What does increased adherence mean?

Adherence is defined as ‘the extent to which the patient’s behaviour matches agreed recommendations from the prescriber’ 1. … In some patients nonadherence takes the form of the patient reducing or increasing the dose of prescribed medicine rather than omitting it.

What does domicile mean in English?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a dwelling place : place of residence : home. 2 law. a : a person’s fixed, permanent, and principal home for legal purposes Report your change of domicile.

Is adherence a word?

noun. the quality of adhering; steady devotion, support, allegiance, or attachment: adherence to a party; rigid adherence to rules. the act or state of adhering; adhesion.

What is adherence law?

the action of continuing to obey a rule, law, agreement etc. adherence to: a strict adherence to the rule of law.

What is adherence monitoring?

Adherence monitoring is an integral part of treating a chronic pain patient. There are several approaches for monitoring a chronic pain patient’s adherence to a drug regimen. Simply asking a patient how many pills he or she has left is a traditional, albeit imperfect, method of adherence monitoring.

What is compliance with example?

The definition of compliance means following a rule or order. An example of compliance is when someone is told to go outside and they listen to the order. An example of compliance is when a financial report is prepared that adheres to standard accounting principles.

Why is adherence important in a call center?

Schedule Adherence is a metric revealing whether or not call center agents are adhering to their assigned schedules. … Schedule Adherence plays an important role in call center performance. Low adherence rates could result in poor customer service. The metric helps companies understand how to better optimize resources.

What is the root word of adhere?

The Latin root word her and its variant hes both mean “stick.” These roots are the word origin of various English vocabulary words, including adhere and adhesive. When glue adheres to paper, it “sticks” to it, for glue is an adhesive which causes things to “stick” together.

What is a synonym for adherence?

adherence(n.) Synonyms: attachment, constancy, fidelity, devotion, adhesion.

How do you use adherence in a sentence?

Adherence sentence examplesBut he was honourable and consistent in his adherence to the monarchical principle throughout his life. … Since 1884 he had been a loyal supporter of the imperial authorities, being unwavering in his adherence in critical times.More items…

What is the verb for compliance?

comply. To yield assent; to accord; agree, or acquiesce; to adapt oneself; to consent or conform.

What is adherence to treatment?

Treatment adherence, according to the World Health Organization, is “… the extent to which a person’s behavior — taking medication, following a diet, and/or executing lifestyle changes — corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider.”

What is the synonym and antonym of adhere?

verb. ( Synonyms. cling bond stick to cleave bind hold fast stick attach cohere. Antonyms. detach disengage miss discolor abstain.