Question: What Are The Main Subjects For Mass Communication?

What are the four subjects in jamb for mass communication?

Below is the JAMB SUBJECT COMBINATION for Mass Communication in faculty of Administration.

English Language(*), Literature in English, Economics and Government.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (WAIVER) REMARKS: CRUTECH accepts Literature in English, Government and CRS..

Is mass communication hard to study?

A lot of the subjects in mass comm are subjective, which means it requires a lot of critical thinking. A plethora of mass comm assignments are open-ended, without definite yes or no answers — this makes it extremely hard to study for. … Each field of study comes with their own obstacles that students have to persevere.

Is mathematics compulsory for mass communication?

DELSU requires any three (3) from Arts or Social Science subjects. KWASU requires Mathematics, Literature in English and any other subject. BAYERO requires any three (3) subjects from Social Science subjects. MOUNTAIN TOP requires Literature in English and any other two subjects from social sciences, sciences and Arts.

What are the six fields of communication?

Types of communicationIntercultural communication.International communication.Interpersonal communication.Intrapersonal communication.Mass communication.Nonverbal communication.Organizational communication.

What are the subjects of mass communication?

Mass Communication & MediaBJMC Course CurriculumMedia ManagementBasics of Camera, Lights & SoundFolk MediaTelevision Journalism & ProductionIntroduction to AdvertisingPublic RelationsFundamentals of Economics & Indian EconomyNational & International Affairs23 more rows

Which course is best in mass communication?

Mass Communication CoursesName of the Mass Communication CourseType of CourseDurationDiploma in Journalism and Mass CommunicationDiploma2 yearsBA in JournalismUndergraduate Degree3 yearsBA Hons Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)Undergraduate Degree3 yearsDiploma in Media StudiesDiploma3 years10 more rows•Jul 15, 2020

Why should I study communication?

Studying Communication can improve how we see others as communication is the way we meet others, develop and manage relationships and work effectively with others. Studying Communication can increase our understanding of relationships. Studying Communication develops important life skills.

What is the entrance exam for journalism?

Mass Communication Exams in IndiaName of the ExamExam DateConducting BodyACJ Entrance Exam17th May 2020Asian College of Journalism, ChennaiIPU CETTBDGuru Gobind Singh Indraprastha UniversityJamia Milia Islamia Entrance ExamAugust 2020Jamia Milia Islamia UniversityAUCET7th August – 9th August 2020Andhra University7 more rows•Jul 29, 2020

How can I prepare for mass communication?

Mass Communication Entrance Exam Prep TipsKeep yourself up to date.Develop a habit of reading.Enhance your comprehension and analytical skills.Polish your writing skills.Practice previous years’ papers.Do not ignore the interview round.Also Read:Top companies that hire mass communication graduates.

What is the cut off mark of mass communication?

65.70Regarding the Cut Off Mark for Mass Communication, which is the desired course or department in this case, the merit cut-off mark is currently 65.70. You can think of this as the required aggregate score for an aspiring candidate to get admitted into UNILAG to study Mass Communication based on merit.

Is Iimc entrance exam tough?

Well, IIMC Entrance Exam is the examination that has tough competition. It is an examination that every mass communication aspirant aspires to compete for. The aim of the examination is to churn out candidates for the different mass communication courses offered by the institution.

Is mass media a good career?

Yes, mass communication is a good career option which gives you a various career option like Radio, PR, Journalism, Film making and many more. … But if a piece of certain information is needed to be reached out to a large part of people at a time, then it is called Mass Communication.

Which is better journalism or mass communication?

A degree in Mass Communication would be great if you want a broader set of skills in your bag, while a degree in Journalism can help if you are clear about your goal of building a career in Journalism.

What are the career opportunities in mass communication?

Career Opportunities in Mass CommunicationJournalism. This field encompasses work at print and online publication. … Public Relations. They are the people who represent their organization in front of the public. … Advertising. … Media Planner. … Broadcasting and Production. … Event Manager.

What subjects are needed to study communication?

More practical courses will combine communications with a complementary subject like journalism, public relations or politics. The field draws widely from other academic disciplines such as sociology, psychology, law, anthropology, biology and economics among others.

Is mass communication a good course to study in Nigeria?

If the truth must be told, Mass Communication is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria of today. It has both national and international recognition and this makes it application diverse both on local and foreign fronts. There are so many places where you can apply your skill as a Mass Communication graduate.

Which is the best country to study journalism?

A major reason why Australia is among the top countries to study journalism is that many universities in the country offer students the opportunity to study overseas for 1or 2 semesters in countries like UK, Canada and USA.

Is mass communication in demand?

Unlike any other fields, mass communication has new job prospects coming up that will have massive growth rates in the next few years and the demand is already high. Your start may be slow currently as compared to the traditional jobs but your career will soon take off if you join in the following fields.