Question: Does Ian Carter Have Cancer?

How old is Ian Carter?

30 years (July 27, 1990)iDubbbz/Age.

Does Filthy Frank have cancer?

Around the time of the Ask Frank videos, Frank got infected with Throat Cancer. This led to him talking like a 55-year-old rapist and changed his innocent teenage voice. The voice was finalized in the video “BAMBI’S MOM DIES”.

Does Maxmoefoe have autism?

As a teenager, Max was in a punk band called “Your Judgement Means Nothing”, which was linked on his Myspace profile at one point. In an episode of the Cold Ones podcast, he states that he is autistic.

Are Idubbbz and Max still friends?

Are they no longer friends? Idubbbz, Max and Frank I mean. They’re still friends and I occasionally hear of streams where they talk and have bantz with each other, but they’re all living in different parts of the world and too busy to collab for anything. Joji has his music career, obviously.

What does Idubbbz do for a living?


What’s Idubbbz real name?

Ian CarteriDubbbz/Full name