Question: Can IAS Do MBA?

Can I do UPSC after MBA?

Any graduate can become IAS.

minimum age 18 and maximum is 30.

But those who become IAS after MBA from IIM.

you can go directly for ias rather than study for iim and then again for ias..

Is IAS better than MBA?

The name and fame that an MBA from a top rated institute earns, is probably higher than an IAS who crumbles under the political pressure and loses his creativity and enthusiasm to make the society a better world.

At what age do IAS officers retire?

60In 1998, for example, the retirement age for IAS officers was extended from 58 to 60.

Can IAS study in IIM?

There is no bar for any IAS officer to do any course(including MBA, PhD) in India or abroad. … There is not much scope of getting a regular job after doing MBA in public policy as it is after doing MBA, PGP or PGDM pertaining to industry and corporate world.

Why do IITians join IAS?

Asked why they wanted to get into the IAS, the stock replies were: to serve the people, accept higher challenges, become a part of nation building process, work at a much wider canvas and so on.

Which is better IAS or IIM?

There are hardly one hundred IAS officers taken every year while more than several thousands are allowed to peruse IIM . IAS is a job while MBA from IIM is a professional degree. You may opt for IAS or other sector work after completing your MBA . … Otherwise other jobs are infinitely better than IAS .

Who earns more IAS or MBA?

In terms of pure money, an IAS officer earns less than 30% of what an MBA earns at the entry level, which can go upto 5% at the time of retirement. An IAS officer working at Secretary level at GoI hardly earns 20 lpa in comparison to 3-4 crores his MBA counterpart must be earning. … IAS is a high impact job.

Can IAS officers go to Harvard?

Surat Singh, president of the Harvard India alumni chapter, on Thursday said, “To begin with, senior IAS officers will be selected by the Harvard University for the three-month programme.” Some Indian civil servants have already attended the regular year-long programme that the Kennedy School conducts.

How many IITians are IAS?

They are good percentage of IITians in civil services. You will be wondering that, few IITians are the toppers of IAS examination. In fact out of total selection somewhere around 50% ias clearer are engineer by default. Being an IAS aspirant you should have good knowledge of strategic, economics, Finance.

Can a non Iitian crack UPSC?

This is a myth. Every year, many graduates from non-engineering backgrounds successfully crack the exams. Is it necessary for an IAS aspirant to join an academy to crack the civil service exams? No, it isn’t.

Can IAS go abroad for study?

of India is the sole authority to decide the duration for study leave for IAS Officers and the officers can take study leave from six months up to two years if he/she wishes to carry on his/her higher education in India or abroad.