Question: Are You A Goofball?

What is the meaning of silly?

adjective, sil·li·er, sil·li·est.

weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish: a silly writer.

absurd; ridiculous; irrational: a silly idea.

stunned; dazed: He knocked me silly..

What is the meaning of naive?

having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; unsophisticated; ingenuous. having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous: She’s so naive she believes everything she reads. He has a very naive attitude toward politics.

What does goofy mean?

being crazy, ridiculous, or mildly ludicrous: being crazy, ridiculous, or mildly ludicrous : silly a goofy sense of humor that hat looks goofy.

Is goofball an insult?

A “goofball” is someone who does dumb, silly things. For example, if your friend stands up and dances in a restaurant where no one else is dancing, you can call him “a goofball”. The word “goofball” is a little bit of an insult, but it also sounds sweet and affectionate.

What is a goofball mean?

1 slang : a barbiturate sleeping pill. 2 : a goofy person.

What does it mean when a girl calls you a goofball?

A goofball is a silly person. Calling someone a goofball isn’t usually mean, unless you use a really mean tone when you say it. It’s pretty friendly, generally used to acknowledge that someone has done something silly to make you laugh.

What’s another word for goofball?

What is another word for goofball?blockheadidiotfoolimbeciledoltdullardsimpletontwitdoofusdork237 more rows

Is goofball a bad word?

There is nothing wrong with “goofball,” and even if there was, it’s none of her business what you call your child (assuming you’re not cursing the child out in the middle of class). No reason why she should comment on it at all, to her son or otherwise. (Full disclosure: I call my son “goofy” or “goof” all the time.)

What is another word for dork?

SYNONYMS FOR dork 1 jerk, schmo; nerd, geek.

What do you call a silly person?

Noun. A scatterbrained person. ditz. nitwit.

What is goober slang for?

Goober is an informal name for a peanut. The peanut is sometimes also called the goober pea. Goober is also used as a slang term for an unsophisticated, goofy person, especially one from a rural area, somewhat similar to the term bumpkin. Goober is primarily used in the Southern and Midland United States.

Where did the term goofball come from?

goofball (n.) “narcotic drug,” 1938, slang, from goof + ball (n.1). As an intensive of goof (n.), it dates from 1959.