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With the immense crowd numbers growing to millions in attendance each year, Dollywood has tried to perfect their crowd control to sync with other larger amusement parks.  They began with Qbot, a revolutionary technology allowing guests to purchase a keychain fob reminiscent of the virtual pets from the 90s.  You could only choose one ride at a time meaning a Dollywood ride employee would clear your selection upon entry to the ride and guests were anxious to choose another immediately.  It didnt allow guests to choose shows and would instead require additional assistance from one of a few Qbot stations sprinkled in the park.  Even though this would allow you to hold a seat for a show and a ride at the same time, it was very time consuming.  Dollywood’s answer to the jumble has ventured into a new decision for wait times.  The TimeSaver Pass introduced this year has provided a wonderful alternative from a clunky keychain.

Is the Timesaver Pass worth it?

The price of $35 plus tax per person per day for non resort guests does make us cringe.  However, this is why its very important to look 3 main factors.


June and July are pretty much a given to work into your budget.  With record breaking attendance as schools are out of session, the summer easily coincides with long lines especially for the coasters and water rides.  Because Dollywood does not have a year round operating schedule at this time, seasonal attendance does seem to tip the scales easily most of the year.  However, August and September seem to be the only projected dates not housing one of the popular needs for the Timesaver Pass.



Speaking of popular needs, Dollywood has done a brilliant job of vetting its parks 10 month schedule with several special events.

March/April: Festival of Nations

May: BBQ and Bluegrass Festival

June/July: Summer Lives Here

October: Harvest Festival

November/December: Smoky Mountain Christmas

While employees and managers of Dollywood have created an impressive atmosphere at all events, it has also sparked a need to control lines with the Timesaver Pass.



Some Festivals and months do bring in a crowd demographic ages of 50+ only.  We can all assume that most individuals on the senior citizens bus tours would not be riding the Wild Eagle.  Those guests come for the amazing shows and food at Dollywood.  This indication would mean the parks would have full restaurants but not necessarily have an extremely long wait for rides.  There have been many times during the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival that Mystery Mine was a complete walk-on and the Showstreet Palace Theatre was hard to retrieve a seat or resulted in a back corner location.  Be sure to look at our Touring Plans for the best advice on when to purchase the Timesaver Pass before arriving.


How does the Timesaver Pass Work?


A bracelet featuring 10 pull tags (Butterfly logo) is given to each member that purchases.  You are allowed to use them on any of the following rides:

  • Barnstormer
  • Dizzy Disk
  • FireChaser Express
  • Mystery Mine
  • Sky Rider
  • Smoky Mountain River Rampage
  • Tennessee Tornado
  • Thunderhead
  • Waltzing Swinger
  • Wild Eagle
  • Drop Line – Summer 2017 (limit one ride per person)
  • Lightning Rod ® (limit one ride per person)
  • DP Celebrity Theate
  • Pines Theatre
  • Showstreet Palace Theatre

Note: You can only ride Drop Line and Lightening Rod once with the tags.  You may ride any of the others as often as you like until all tags are pulled.

Each of the rides and theatres that allow Timesaver Pass has a special entry.  Make sure you watch for these carefully because some of these special lines are hidden and may not even look like a guest entrance.  Signs will be displayed usually with the ride’s handicap accessible location.


Where can I purchase the Timesaver Pass?

The rental location is between the Backstage Restaurant and the entry doors to DP’s Celebrity Theatre.

If you are a forward thinking planner, you can purchase the pass online before arrival.


Am I really limited to only 10 rides with Timesaver Pass?

Yes….for the standard Timesaver Pass.  You do have the option to purchase Timesaver Pass Unlimited.  It is $45 per person per day.  You will be able to ride 17 times or more (based on how well you tour) except for Drop Line and Lightening Rod.  Those two rides can still only be utilized once each.  You also have unlimited access to the shows.


Do I have to purchase a Timesaver Pass for my Kids?

Yes!  If you have to purchase a ticket for 4 and older, then you must also purchase them a Timesaver Pass if its part of your touring plan.  The only exception are for kids 3 and under who sit on your lap during the shows do not have to have a Timesaver Pass.  Also duly noted that most of rides that utilize the Timesaver Pass cannot be accessed by a 3 year old simply due to height restriction.  For most toddlers, there are only 2 rides applicable.


Can I pay to only access 1 or 2 rides with the Timesaver Pass?

A great example of this question is in regards to the 2 Timesaver rides a child that is between 36″ and 39″.  We are not a proponent of this unless you plan to ride each attraction with them at least twice as well as utilize personal seats for the child for the 3 theaters.  So, yes you can buy it for just 1 or 2 rides as long as its not Drop Line or Lightening Rod.


If someone in my party does not use all of their tickets on their Timesaver Pass bracelet, can someone else use them?


What is the best use of Timesaver Pass with a touring plan?

Our overall consensus in our touring plans will have you begin using your Timesaver pass after 2 hours have passed from park opening when you notice heavy crowds.  If waits are longer than 30 minutes, use a “Butterfly”.


Are there any discounts for Timesaver Pass?

Gold and Super Gold Passholders as well as Smoky Mountain Cabins guests receive a $5 discount.

Of course, guests staying at the DreamMore Resort do receive the standard Timesaver Pass for free!


What if our party bought the standard Timesaver Pass online and want to upgrade to the Timesaver Unlimited?

Wonderful!  One thing we cant say enough is how wonderful Dollywood staff have been.  As soon as you enter the park, head to the Timesaver Pass Rentals location and pay the extra $10 plus tax.


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