The Diner in Sevierville

Location: 550 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37876

Phone: 865.908.1904

Hours: (Hours can vary based on the season)

Mon-Thu 7:15 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri-Sat 7:15 AM – 11:00 PM
Sun 7:15 AM – 10:00 PM


I had the pleasure of meeting Howard and Susan who own “The Diner” in Sevierville. They are some of the nicest people I think I’ve ever met, very welcoming very friendly and will go above and beyond to make sure your dining experience is like no other.

Dear Howard and Susan,

We would love to insert a picture of you here.  Please send us your best!

Love, DW Parks and More

(So as a holding place for now)

Let’s Continue:

I was there in the evening after sunset but the establishment lit the area with the authentic neon lights outside. It was very inviting.  The full working traffic light really brings you back to the 50s reminiscent of an old Soda Shop.

You definitely dont want to miss any of their special events throughout the year including The Cruise In Classic Car Show.  This event allows vehicle lovers from years past to marvel at the glorious machines, eat some classic American Food, and help out a life-changing Charity.  Registration is $10 and goes 100% to the charities chosen.  Trophies are handed out for best car showcases as well as special discounts on food, beverage, and merchandise.  You do NOT want to miss this event and be prepared for the roads to be jammed.  Everyone, and seriously everyone goes.

The Diner is easily situationed on Highway 66 in Sevierville and can be located across from Aldi and Lowes.  In case you need more parking, which does happen because everyone goes here.  “Everyone”.

I was greeted when I entered by Howard and Susan who showed me to my table.

Elvis staring me down. Should I be alarmed or relaxed?

I was waiting for the poodle skirts to come out.  Maybe I should have worn mine.  Are poodle skirts made out of poodles?  So many questions right now.

Howard explained the menu.  But, he didnt just explain it, he was passionate about it.  Its so refreshing to hear that a Diner isnt just slopping items on a plate.  No wonder “everyone” eats here.

Their menu boasts fresh char grill to order lean and pure Angus beef burger, a Cadillac Burger, grass-fed pure elk burger, grass-fed pure bison burger, turkey burgers and veggie burgers. No. I have never tried elk or bison before and I have to say I thought they were delicious….both of them.

Behold!  The Bison burger. “Get in my belly!”  You must order this.  The flavor was out of this world and so juicy.

I also tried the soup and it was delicious.  Clam Chowder above with my crackers shoved in it.  Apparently, I was still hungry even after that Bison burger and couldnt stop long enough to get a decent picture before eating.  My deepest apologies to Howard and Susan!

Side Note: Yes, Im aware I tried alot of food for this particular post.  Oh, the sacrifices!

Their Dagwood sandwich which is a club sandwich with a couple of extra ingredients.


More like alot of extras.  You’ve got bacon and pickles and lettuce and onions and cheese and ham and turkey and ham and tomatos and roast beef and cheese.  Their menu is pretty extensive.  Check It Out.  Where else can you get a side of grits for 49¢, cherry Pepsi, bottomless coffee, and a famous “Nana Split”?

I could tell that they put everything into helping their customers with their dining experience, some of the food they make from scratch.  They use fresh ingredients and the food was so good.  They have a lot of other items on an extensive menu what are you looking for a salad sandwich a steak a burger something different they even have a breakfast menu you can even make your own breakfast skillet a great place, great prices, fantastic staff and an all-round excellent experience.

Be sure to also checkout the “Specials” they offer.  Currently they are:


I would absolutely recommend “The Diner” to anybody.  No, wait “everyone” is the right word.  I would absolutely recommend The Diner to everyone.

Have you eaten at The Diner?  We would love to hear about your experience.  Send us an email at or post on our DWPM Forum.  

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