Dixie Stampede Dinner Show: Pigeon Forge

I cant tell you how many times I keep reminiscing about our family watching the Dixie Stampede Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge.  Travel is very important and Ive seen alot of dinner shows throughout the years: Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, Barn Dinner Theatre, Pirate Adventure.  For some reason Dixie Stampede is the one that stood out the most. In a later post, Ill give some insite into the Christmas show but for now lets talk the regular Dixie Stampede dinner show in Pigeon Forge.


Dixie Stampede Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online or over the phone. A question we get asked alot is where are the bed seats? The answer is none. There really isnt a bad seat. You could however end up in the far end section beside the performers and stage. This section can make it hard to enjoy the show but it isnt awful. Think of the seating as a U Format. You want to be as close as possible to the curve and not the ends. For an additional cost you can purchase preferred seating that gives you space in the first few rows in the middle and on either side. Depending on the season, you can purchase tickets to a 6pm show or an 8:30pm show.

The area is divided by 2 sides: North and South. Proud heritage owners can also purchase a flag corresponding to their history. So you can book your seat depending on this factor. I highly suggest purchasing tickets online at HERE. This allows you to view your seat location prior to arriving.  Children under 3 are free as long as they sit on your lap for the duration of the show and share from your plate.  I am not condoning this.  Some children may be find sitting on a lap for almost 2 hours but most need their own wiggle room.  The standard cost before taxes for tickets is

Dixie Stampede Pre-Show

Most of the time the pre-show is nothing more than a family bathroom break and a chance to wander around the arena to scope out the actual venue. If you are lucky, you might be able to have a snack granted it doesnt cost too much. However you do not want to miss the pre-show of Mountain Ruckus in the Dixie Belle Saloon. They are the real deal in southern bluegrass. Let me take time to explain how much of a big deal they are. Banjo artist Gary “Biscuit” Davis is the only person in history to win the National Banjo Championship 4 times. The man is a legend actually touring with Dolly as her band leader before settling in to his new home at Dixie Stampede. This show is epic with extremely talented musicians who also provide comedic relief setting the mood for a homey feel. It made me chuckle how everyone was relaxed in their chairs, leaning on the table, and letting their kids dance to the music. In case you cant wait for the meal, the Dixie Belle Saloon serves Pepsi products, non-alcoholic drinks, nachos, and popcorn for an additional fee. If you are really adventures, one of the best souvenirs of your vacation can be purchased here. You can get your drinks served in a boot mug complete with logo. I still have mine from 15 years ago.   Just keep in mind it may hold 8oz to the brim…..on a good day.

The Show

Tables are long and accessing more than likely will mean sliding down or having people move.  For those with kids, try to book a seat right at the end to make bathroom breaks manageable.  Large groups will find this set up definitely appealing as it allows everyone to be immersed in the show.  Shows are prompt so you will want to make sure for your sake (and everyone elses) that you are ready to go 10 minutes prior to show start time.  There is a massive emphasis on American pride in this show.  They spared no expense everytime they get a chance to show off our flag.


Dixie Stampede Food

Food here is eaten without any utensils.  I mean, who wants to mess with those annoying devices anyway!  The menu is printed on a napkin along with some marketing information.  How cleaver!   The order of which it is served:

Drink:  You can choose any type of Pepsi Product imaginable, sweet southern tea, or water.   Refills are unlimited. Alcohol is not served here.

Creamy Vegetable Soup: This delightful vegetable is not the normal tomato based soup.  This is a creamy white milk with the smallest indication of vegetables that even the pickiest kid or adult would eat.  Its served in a soup mug with a handle.  If you are lucky, sometimes servers set the extra containers at the end of the tables.  Other guests, certainly not me have been known to partake in seconds.  This soup is so popular that Dixie Stampede Corporation even sell it on there website HERE.

Whole Rotisserie Chicken: Very flavorful and not spicy in any way.  Its cooked to perfection.  There have been some places which will remain unnamed that do not cook thoroughly and you are left with raw chicken.  This is NOT one of those places.  If hungry enough, most adults will finish the entire thing.

BBQ Pork Loin: This could in every sense be eaten in 3 bites.  Its definitely not dry and would even be easy for a very young child to eat if cut into small portions.

Corn on the Cobb: Standard southern favorite but drenched in butter and piping hot off the grill.

Herb Basted Potato: This small half potato is crispy on top and soft in the middle.  The total size was about 2.5 inches but this is the part where you get really full.

Biscuit: Eat this.  Stuff it down your throat if you must.  Its flakery and buttery and reminds me of the biscuits made at a few local breakfast locations here in town.  But, please dont leave it just sitting lonely on your plate.

Dessert: This apple pastry has just the right amount of flaky crust drizzled with icing.  Ive heard a few comments of guests at my table who wished it had more apple filling.  I disagree.  Any more apple and it would be dripping out the side and onto my lap.  If you make it this far without ruining any clothes, you definitely dont want to give up now.  Its a great ending to a perfect meal.

Dietary Considerations

Dixie Stampede does provide alternatives should you need a vegetarian or gluten free meal.  You MUST call in ahead of time to request this.  

Vegetarian changes remove the 2 meats (chicken and pork) for a Vegetable Medley.  Its a dry pasta.  Not our favorite but all the other sides and even the dessert remain the same.  The Gluten free option ditches the biscuit and replaces the pastry for a cookie.  In reference to the lack of items, this should be priced a little less than the standard ticket.  Cookie was decent but not great.


 The Service

For goodness sake, tip your waiter.  So many people left without putting any money on the table.  This is not something you can add at the time of purchase.  Bring cash with you just for this reason.  Our server was absolutely divine and worth every penny he was tipped.

Meeting the Cast




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