The Titanic Museum Media Overview

Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge Box Office


I was warmly welcomed at the entrance by 2 crew members I believe one may have been a lieutenant and the other a female crew member. They show me to the ticket booth where I bought my tour. (Adults $ included, children 5-12 $11 59…plus tax, or family pass 2 adults, 4 children$71.38….plus tax, children ages 0-4 are free)

Special Tip! You can save about $7 on an adult ticket if you purchase online before arrival.  When checking, the price was $19.66 per tax.

Titanic Museum Ticket Lobby

I was handed a boarding pass from an actual passenger from the Titanic. My boarding pass belonged to Mr. George Dunton Widener first class passenger.

I was also handed an audio device that was very well explained to me how it worked by the lady at the booth. When you walk into each room there is a notice on the wall with two numbers, the first number say it’s room 1 it has number 1 and underneath it has another number 101 the top number is for adult audio but the bottom number is for children’s audio. At each room I listen to both audio, the children’s audio was very well done catering to children in a way where certain words were emphasized so it was easy to remember when it came to the test at the end of the room.

Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge Audio Remote

Before we begin, let me remind my readers that video and camera devices are NOT ALLOWED inside.  They request that all phones are set to silence to also get the full affect of the audio devices you use.

They are actual artifacts recovered from the Titanic itself that are in glass cases throughout the ship, this is something that really caught my interest as they are real artifacts from such a famous disaster in world history.  Is that watch frozen in time?

Titanic Museum Watch

That chair does not look study.

Titanic Museum Deck Chair

Talk about your fine China.  Wow!

Titanic Museum Dining Room Plates


Still pretty awesome items from 3rd class.

Titanic Museum Class 3 Suitcase

Walking through each room really took your interest as well as some rooms being interactive such as the boiler room where you can lift the shovel that has coal on it and pretend to throw into the fire. I am positive the men working in that Boiler Room were fit and strong as it was extremely heavy.

Titanic Museum Coal Shovel Experience

This child makes me look bad.  I promise.  That shovel was really heavy.

Titanic Museum Coal Room


Walking through a little further we came to the exact replica of Titanic’s Grand Staircase, this was quite a sight and experience to walk up and around.

Titanic Museum Top of Grand Staircase


This is also an opportunity to have your photograph professionally done on the staircase, you can purchase these at the end of the tour.

Titanic Museum Grand Showcase

Going up to the top decks we walk into a room with the man playing the piano and on the wall where pictures of the band that famously played until through the sinking of the ship.

Titanic Museum Musicians

A little further on and we came out onto the bridge where you can have a look at how dark it was for Captain Edward J Smith. You can also touch an iceberg and feel the 28-degree water, then there are 3 different degree slopes that act as the deck that you can climb to give you an idea how hard it was to hang on for these poor passengers.

Titanic Museum Outside Deck


Titanic Museum Ship Levels

Titanic Museum Wheel


At the end of the tour you can discover the passengers fate and the Titanic Memorial room


Titanic Museum Memorial

Titanic Museum Memorial Screen

Titanic Museum Memorial Names
All the names written down. Its so sad and to think, there still may be some not mentioned.


There are many more rooms I haven’t mentioned yet as I don’t want to give away the whole tour but here are some hints.

Titanic Museum First Class Room


Titanic Museum Interior Room 1

Titanic Museum Interactive Display

Titanic Museum Location Map

At the end of the tour there is a gift shop where they sell all sorts of Titanic related keepsakes, this is also where you could purchase your photographs that we’re taking on the grand staircase.

Titanic Museum Gift Shop


I would definitely recommend this attraction to families of all ages and I am so happy I decided to take the tour of the Titanic Museum.  There are also so many exciting events taking place throughout the year.  Be sure to catch the Thanksgiving Fireworks only on Thanksgiving night at 7pm.

Titanic Museum Thanksgiving Fireworks

For more events, be sure to check out our Events page or visit

Stay tuned for our feature article on educations trips including how to earn school credit for homeschoolers at the Titanic Museum.  For now, be sure to email us at for more details.  If you have visited the Titanic Museum, we would love to hear about it.  Drop us a line or be sure to post your experience on our FORUM so everyone else can read your review.

All photos are provided courtesy of Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge.  Thank you!

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